Neymar & Lionel Messi have been the subjects of larger than life installations in the Indian state of KeralaGetty Images

Lionel Messi & Neymar Jr. May be the best of mates, & indeed teammates at PSG, but now is not the time for them lớn be celebrated together. You see the World Cup is almost here, and that can mean only one thing -- either you are with Messi, or with Neymar.

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Football fans in the southern Indian state of Kerala have started preparations for the quadrennial sự kiện early. In the tiny village of Pullavoor (Kozhikode district), Argentina fans caused a social media storm by putting up a 30-foot-tall cut-out of Messi right in the middle of the Kurungattu Kadavu district. & they did it after a procession along the road:

Behind the SceneMessi ������#VamosArgentina ����

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But as Newton so famously postulated, every kích hoạt has an equal và opposite reaction, & so obviously this wasn"t the kết thúc of it. Kerala (as is the case with many "neutral" places around the world) is divided almost equally during World Cup time. If one part"s all Argentina, the other becomes clad in the yellow of Brazil.

And so the Brazil fans of Pullavoor decided they needed khổng lồ answer all this Messi-love with a display of affection for their own #10. Và so now, right next lớn the 30-foot-tall Messi stands a 40-foot-tall cut-out of Neymar.

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A perfect reply from Brazil fans Pullavoor, Calicut ����Keeping a 40 ft Neymar cut-out lớn counter the Messi cutout#BRAZIL #NeymarJr #Messi�� #Argentina #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022
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Newton obviously had never met any football fans - there"s no such thing as an equal reaction khổng lồ football banter.

Oh, and of course, the Neymar supporters had a procession of their own too:


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But because this is an ongoing battle of one-upmanship, there will continue lớn be larger-than-life displays of tư vấn across the state as the World Cup draws closer. In fact, in Muvattupuzha"s (Ernakulam district) Nirmala College, students created an image of Messi"s face - with 1,18,000 odd post-its:

From a college in Kerala, India ��

Messi is an emotion ������

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With the World Cup kicking off in Qatar on November 20, expect a whole lot more khổng lồ come out from across the world.