The Windows 11 taskbar will hide certain running apps in the taskbar corner overflow. Khổng lồ make all running apps visible, follow this guide.

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Windows 11, by default, displays a few app and system icons in the bottom-left corner (known as the system tray). Not all icons are visible, however, with hidden phầm mềm icons now appearing in the taskbar corner overflow area. This is made visible when you press the up arrow in that area.

Hiding icons creates a clutter-free taskbar, but you might want lớn show all icons in the taskbar corner overflow. If that’s the case, you’ll need khổng lồ make some changes to lớn your settings. If you want khổng lồ show all taskbar corner overflow icons in Windows 11, follow these steps.

How lớn Show Taskbar Corner Overflow Icons in Windows 11

Most app và system icons in the system tray are hidden on Windows 11. You can find hidden icons by clicking the up arrow icon in the taskbar notification area.

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The flyout thực đơn that displays hidden icons is the taskbar corner overflow menu.


The drag and drop method might be more effortless if you just want an app icon or two to lớn show in the notification area. It means you don’t have to lớn work your way through several menus in Settings.

Customizing the Taskbar in Windows 11

Using the steps above, you can customize the taskbar to lớn show (or hide) all taskbar overflow icons on a Windows 11 PC. If you want easy access to any running app, make sure khổng lồ show all of your icons, but only as long as you have the screen real estate to vị so.

You can customize your taskbar further. For example, if you don’t lượt thích the new Start button position on Windows 11, you can move it to lớn the left corner. If you’re not a tín đồ of Widgets, you can remove the Widgets button from the taskbar entirely.