Get more out of your closing slide in your business presentations. Use the Thank You page khổng lồ start a relationship instead of just ending a presentation.

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Does your ‘Thank you slide’ look like this?


So, it is a good idea lớn have the ‘Next steps’ or ‘How lớn order’ slide as your last slide instead of a boring ‘Thank you’.

If your presentation was strong, this slide usually triggers a lot of useful questions that help you close the deal.

Idea 4: Bring back the Agenda slide

If you had a long presentation, it is a good idea to lớn bring back the agenda slide as your last slide.

Source: Agenda Templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack

The slide shows the topics that were covered during the presentation and hence provides an opportunity for your audience lớn clear their doubts on the points covered. You can follow this up by distributing a one pager on the salient points covered during your presentation.

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Idea 5: Leave your Company logo on

If it is a corporate presentation, where you represent your company – your Thank You slide can just be a big logo sản phẩm of your organization, with your liên hệ details alongside.

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Usually in these cases, your details are in a phông smaller than your company’s logo.

More creative ways lớn represent for business slides:

Every slide you use in your presentation deck has its own significance. Using the right slide can improve the effectiveness of your presentation significantly.

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